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Harvest of Gratitude: A Thanksgiving Poem

In the tapestry of autumn's embrace,

A symphony of colors, a seasonal grace.

As the world dons its amber and gold,

my tale of thankfulness unfolds.

In this season of warmth and reflection,

Let gratitude be our shared connection.

Through the blogosphere, a message we send,

Of love and joy, a thankful blend.

To my readers who've journeyed through each line,

Your presence, a gift, like aged wine.

In this cyber haven of words and rhyme,

Together, we celebrate the essence of time.

Since a girl, with pen in hand,

Weaves a tale across the digital land.

A harvest of gratitude, a feast for the soul,

For every reader, a cherished role.

As the aroma of feasts fills the air,

Gratitude blossoms everywhere.

Beyond the screen, across the globe,

glimmers a light, a beacon of hope.

So, here's to joy, to love, to grace,

In this global, connected space.

Happy Thanksgiving, dear readers all,

May gratitude's embrace on your hearts fall.

and cheers to having it all 🥀

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