All About Alicia

Art, Books, and Technology are my absolute favorite things in the world.

Alicia Sinclaire was recognized as a Notable Alumni of D.M. Therrell High School in Atlanta. She carried on the excellence to college where she graduated Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management. Alicia showed leadership serving as President of many organizations. Some of her greatest achievements as a leader include founding a Mental Health Organization.

The multi-passionate entrepreneur is not our regular modern-day girl boss. Alicia received the President’s Second Mile Award in 2019 and was among the White House HBCU All-Stars. Among many of her leadership achievements include serving the country as a Communications Veteran.

Today, Alicia Sinclaire is pursuing a career in digital teaching. She is currently creating and publishing courses in Management, Sales, Social Media, and Digital Marketing on Teachable. According to Alicia, there is nothing more fulfilling than helping other people’s business succeed and flourish.

“My goal is to accelerate the growth of individuals wanting to set foot in the entrepreneurial industry so they can focus on what they sell best: their products and services.”

Alicia now divides her time between strategizing and digital marketing.

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